Junior high school drops Indians mascot name

Buffalo Grove, Illinois (AP) April 2012

After more than five decades being known as the Indians, Aptakisic Junior High in Buffalo Grove is bowing to changing sensibilities and renaming its mascot the Eagles.

Principal Jessica McIntyre she tells the Daily Herald in Arlington Heights (http://bit.ly/Hs7Snb) the change was not driven by any particular complaint or request. McIntyre noted the school did not use the image of an Indian, but the name does appear on sports banners and gym uniforms.

She said that while the name Aptakisic still honor the former mascot, the students “didn’t feel connected to the Indian.”

Mascots have been an issue at the collegiate level, with schools, including the University of Illinois and Bradley University, retiring or changing their Native American themed mascots or team nicknames. Some of the efforts have sparked controversy.