Dr. Arne Vainio: Some Critical Turning Points in Life

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV)

"Walking into the Unknown" is a movie that traces the journey of a middle aged American Indian man, who's challenged by his wife and son to live a full life, and goes through the health care system. The man is an Ojibwe physician Dr. Arne Vainio, serving on the Fond du Lac Chippewa Reservation in northern Minnesota.

The movie premiered Tuesday night March 23, 2009 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. It opened with a pipe ceremony.

In the movie Vainio gets checked for all the health concerns facing himself and most other native Americans, diabetes, health disease, colon, depression, high blood pressure and cholesterol.

"I want to stay alive for my son, my wife, and my people." 


Facing his fear and reluctance to get tested, Vainio gains a deeper understanding of his patients. The tests reveal several health concerns which Vainio is able to treat with diet and exercise. Click here to see a clip of the movie in the On Demand LCO file .