Please consider banning my books, please!

By Jim Northrup
News From Indian Country March 2012
A NOTICE to the Tuscon Unified School District
I have checked your list of banned books and cannot find any of my titles there. I am hoping some one can take care of this oversight.

My titles are: 1.…Walking The Rez Road, 1993, Voyageur Press. 2.…The Rez Road Follies, Canoes, Casinos, Computers, and Birch Bark Baskets, 1997 Kodansha Press, reprinted by the University of Minnesota Press. 3.…Anishinaabe Syndicated, 2011, Minnesota Historical Society Press. 4.…Rez Salute, due out Fall 2012, Fulcrum Publishing. Just for background information I have been writing the Fond du Lac Follies for newspapers for more than 22 years. I have written opinion pieces for other newspapers and have also written two plays.
I am Anishinaabe, a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa, Enrollment # 3166. I live on the Fond du Lac Reservation established by the Treaty of 1854 in what is now called Minnesota.

My grandfather, Joseph A. Northrup, was also an author and I can’t find his name on your list of banned books. Among other materials he wrote a book called Wawina back in the 1930s. He was also a member of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippea. Would you please consider banning his book also?

Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


As a Marine veteran of the Vietnam War I watched the news where four Marines in Afghanistan were pictured urinating on three bodies.

War is terrible and terrible things happen. I think the Marines were aiming at the wrong targets. They should have been aiming at the politicians who put them in harm’s way, perhaps the war profiteers who are raking in millions of dollars.

Can anyone tell me why our young men and women are in Afghanistan? What is the purpose of this war of choice? How will we know if we have won or lost?

Instead of carrying a camera to the firefight, I think the Marines should have carried more ammo.


Question Of The Month
What do you call a Shinnob without a woman?

Bonus Question Of The Month
What do you call a Shinnob with no lips?

These questions were submitted by John and Jane Doe.


There is a urinating contest going on between Duluth Mayor Don Ness and our Chair Karen Diver. It is being played out in the local media and it is about the profits from the Fond du Luth casino.

Diver would like to see more land placed in Trust so we can expand the gambling operations at the Fond du Luth Casino. She feels like we can create more jobs with this move.

Mayor Ness thinks the proposed expansion would lead to more problems associated with the downtown Duluth casino. An increase in crime and property taken off the tax rolls were mentioned as consequences of the expansion.

A proposed casino operated by the City would not bring problems at the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center or the old ore boat permanently parked in downtown Duluth, places mentioned as possible sites for the City’s expansion into gambling.

Let me see if I got this right Mayor Ness, Indian gambling bad, City gambling good? It is too bad for the City we have the law on our side.

What is the matter Mayor Ness, now that we are no longer splitting profits with the City, you are taking your case to the local media to make us look like bad guys? What did you do with the 80 million we did give you? Are you hooked on gambling gold? Our gambling gold?


Keith Secola is coming to Sawyer on February 18th. He will be here to take part in our annual storytelling/silent art auction. The event will be held at the Sawyer Community Center. The hours are from 1300 until 1800, that is 1pm until 6pm for you civilians who don’t use the military system of telling time.

The feast, provided by the Sawyer Center will begin at 1pm.

Keith Secola, a life time achievement award winner from NAMMY, will have us singing along with him about fry bread and riding in my Indian car. I like how Keith, a Nett Laker, uses the Ojibwe language in many of his songs.

There will be other storytellers also including Niib Aubid, and Rick Gresczyk. I might even trot out a few of my own stories.

It is unknown at this time whether Keith Secola will be bringing his imaginary brother Pep along. Go ahead, say his imaginary brother’s complete name out loud.

Last year was a success in that we raised $3,500.00 for the language camp. That event will take place at Kiwenz Campground on June 21, 22, 23, and 25.


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