It ain’t easy being Indian… (February 2017)

By Ricey Wild
News From Indian Country
Today I got up, showered put on a face and got dressed. I got out of my house for a quick minute with my friends and that helped so much. Depression really, really sucks. I wanted to write something funny because it makes me happy to laugh and share. I’m trying; I really am because I miss that part of my life. Hang in there with me okay? I need yooz.

Even though I know like-minded people who are as disgusted with the new regime installed by Putin I still feel so alone and need to vent. I plan to go outside and yell at the horrors that we will suffer under Trump and his band of villains who will rape our country. They have literally made me sick but I know I can’t continue this way so I’m seeking the help I need.

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way so I strongly encourage you to ask for help, it’s out there. You are needed. I love you.

Up North here it’s frozen and when I tried to go get my mail I kept sinking into the snow and almost got stuck so I called off my big expedition halfway there. I feel all pitiful! I didn’t want to fall on my icy driveway because I’ve already had two spinal fusion and metal in my right arm so you know I don’t need another surgery for even a pinkie fracture. Mexico and a cozy little hut near a white sand beach are seriously calling me.

Well since I’m still here I spose I could contribute to the Resistance. I am an armchair activist for clear reasons due to my health but I know I have to do something! I can’t and won’t just observe our Turtle Island be destroyed by Trump and cronies. The entire world is laughing at us and I agree with their views. Our beloved country is being ridiculed.

The thing is I am being blocked from certain websites and live feeds that have to do with activism and the Resistance. It has never happened before and I’m anxious that I don’t have access to my news. I am far from being a hacktivist and my laptop can do way more than I care to know about but it’s my main source for current news. So this is a thing. An evil thing because the new government is suppressing us.

I don’t remember calling anyone to incite violence or any form of harming others. I have written about protest and the Standing Rock Protectors and I believe I’m being targeted because of my column.
You may scoff at will I know what I’ve experienced and I don’t need your validation. We the People are already being stifled, suppressed and spied upon. Welcome to 1984. Steve Bannon & Co. is already discrediting the media. A madman now has the nuclear codes. He advocates torture and is profiling immigrants. I am sad we Indians didn’t do that from the get. We should be the wealthiest people in the USA monetarily but we don’t value paper over responsibility and integrity for our Mother Earth and our culture.

Under this fascist regime we only have each other. I’ve been caching commod beans and rice because. Did yooz know I was in a hurricane? *wink* yeah Hurricane Wilma Yucatan Peninsula 2005. I was in a hurricane shelter with 1100 other people for five days and there was limited everything. It was an interesting social experience like survival of the fittest…not a ‘reality’ show at all. It got hot in there and not just because of the heat and humidity. Everyone got all territorial in the swelter shelter lemme tell ya.

Imagine being all sweaty with no way to communicate and next to complete strangers whom are just as terrified as you are. That’s what we are in for. I’m sorry to be a voice of gloom and doom but what freedoms we have are now being eliminated. So, my advice to me and you is just enjoy and give thanks for what we have now.

Then we get up and shower, put a face on or braid your hair and dress for the Resistance. We’re all responsible for this travesty of a president so let’s fix this. We can’t go back to the horrific past and whatever I can do I will.

I still have hope for all of us when we stick together. Geez I sound like a sports coach, ay? Well I said I will do whatever I can so if you’re inspired good for me! Ay! I’ve been calling my representative so please do that you can start there. There are multiple ways to resist this insanity.

Happy Heart Day Ya’ll!!!

Support or NFIC. Thank YOU!!