Interview with Cody Bigjohn by Paul DeMain  - #1
 - Pellston, Michigan (NFIC) -

My name is Cody Bigjohn, Odawa/Ojibwe Ndow. I come from the land of the Crooked Tree. I am Odawa and Ojibwe. I grew up in Lansing, which is the state capital of Michigan. I’ve been up here in the northern part of Michigan for about 20 years, now. Outside of camp, I’m a graphic designer, screen printer. I have two children.

Join ICTV and our LIVESTREAM studio for a day of relaxation on the Chequamegn Bay water front of Ashland, Wisconsin at Bayview Park on Saturday September 26th, 2020. Event set-up starts around 10am. Live broadcast should begin around 10:30-1100am CST. The day of events will start with a dock side water ceremony, followed by several speakers. Featured speakers include Winona LaDuke:  "The Transition to a Green Economy," Mike Wiggins: "The Anishinabeg Love of Lake Superior": Jan Pen on "Harvesting the Bad River Watershed" and Mike McCabe speaking on "The Politics of Environmental Politics".  We have heard that there will be some music to bounce too, and food to share. (Mandatory Masking and Distancing Required to Attend)

10:30am - Dockside Gathering

11:30am - Speakers

1:30pm - Exhibition Baaaga'odowe (lacrosse) game will take place with Line #3/5 Opposition vs the Enbridge No-Showson the field for about 30-45 minutes with explanations of its' tradition in settling disputes.

2:30 pm - Finally, at 2:30pm a car caravan will leave Bayview Park for a "Bury Enbridge" funeral service at a nearby site.

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There are many other video event files from IndianCountryTV.com and partnerships over the years with The Peace Development Fund, Honor The Earth, Patagonia, Midwest Environmental Justice Network, Freshwater Future and many other organizations and private donors.

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#1. Event files include the Landowners Meeting at the Ashland High School on February 27, 2020 at the Ashland High School, (7 files from beginning to end). Mark Borchardt, founder of WI Easement Action Team and 80 Feet is Enough!, Rob Lee, attorney with Midwest Environmental Advocates; Patricia Hammel, attorney for Dane County suit against Enbridge, Naomi Tillison, Bad River Natural Resources Director.

#2. A 1.5 hour presentation from the Bad River Watershed and Enbridge Line 5  presentation during November 2019 at the Great Lakes Visitor Center.

#3. A 2 hour Gitchi-gami Gathering and rally in Duluth, Minnesota against Enbridge Lines 3 and 5 during the fall of 2019,

#4. The People over Pipelines' 3 hour program held in Nekoosa, Wisconsin in 2017.

#5. And numerous short videos (26) from the 2017 Shut Down Enbridge Line #5 Paddle Out at the Mackinaw Straights during Labor Day 2017.

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