Shawnee Nation United Remnant Band celebrates Native American Thanksgiving

by Jeffrey "Black Bull" Stevenson
Bellefontaine, Ohio (ICC) 11-07

Recently, the Shawnee Nation, United Remnant Band
(Ohio's only State Recognized Historic Tribe of
Native Americans [Am. Sub. HJR No. 8]),
celebrated Thanksgiving as the Shawnee have for
hundreds of years. Tribal families gathered at
their tribal homelands in Bellefontaine, OH to
enjoy "The Sharing," a Native American
celebration of Thanksgiving.

After a Shawnee blessing from Principal Chief
Hawk Pope, the Clan Mothers served a wonderful
feast to celebrate the Tribal homecoming. They
prepared traditional Native foods such as
turkeys, hams, squash, succotash, and beans.
Tribe members baked breads, cooked vegetables,
and made wonderful desserts. No one left hungry
or wanting this weekend.

Native families came from all over Ohio,
Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia and
beyond. They brought fruits, vegetables, nuts,
live stock, food staples, blankets, and handmade
wares. Each family brought whatever they had.
Some brought a truck-load and some brought a
basket-full. No one kept track and no one was
judged for their contribution. No one had to ask
for charity. Everything was divided equally
amongst the families, giving each member of the
Tribe their share to weather the winter.

After supper, the Tribe circled around the drum
to celebrate the season with song and dance.
They sang traditional Eastern Woodland Indian
songs and danced as they have for hundreds of
years. They kept the fires burning throughout the
night. Then, Chief Hawk Pope gathered the Tribe
to share the historic Native American stories -
from the Shawnee Nation, United Remnant Band's
humble beginnings after the death of Tecumseh in
1813 through modern times.

The Tribe shares its history, tradition and
culture by offering Native American Outreach
programs, its bi-annual Pow Wow's, operating a
Native American museum, maintaining historical
Native American and pioneer villages, and
offering tours and demonstrations to the public
from Zane Shawnee Caverns and Southwind Park
located at 7092 SR 540 in Bellefontaine, OH (937)
592-9592 or

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