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Potawatomi Hunting Moon Contest Winners



Milwaukee, Wisconsin (November 6, 2007) – Potawatomi Bingo Casino held the third annual Hunting Moon (Gi Wse Gises) Pow Wow sponsored by the Forest County Potawatomi Community at the Wisconsin Exposition Center at State Fair Park from November 2-4.

More than 300 dancers and over 20 drum groups from throughout North America competed for prize money during this competition Pow wow.

Prize money awarded totaled more than $80,000 to more than 100 dancers and drum groups. Winners in each category include:

Drum Groups

First place – Midnight Express; Minneapolis, Minn.

Second place – Little Otter; Mille Lacs, Minn.

Third place – Young KingBird; Ponemah, Minn.

Fourth place – Bear Clan; Lyndon Station, Wis.

Fifth place – Raining Thunder; Cumberland, Wis.

Sixth place – Ice Wolf; St. Paul, Minn.


Men’s Golden Age

First place – Terry Fiddler

Second place – Joe Lafferty

Third place – Gerald Cleveland Sr.

Fourth place – Wayne Pushetonequa

Women’s Golden Age

First Place – Iris Cleveland

Second Place – Lillian Goodeagle

Third Place – Annamae Pushetonequa

Fourth Place – Elena Greendeer



Senior Men’s Traditional

First place – Charles Hinsley

Second place – Wayne Cleland

Third place – Kelly Logan

Fourth place – Delano Normand

Senior Women’s Traditional

First place – Vanny Wheelock

Second place – Marcy Fiddler

Third place – Bernadette Shawande

Fourth place – Shannon King


Senior Men’s Grass

First place – Mike OneStar Sr.

Second place – Ronnie Preston

Third place – Dale Roberts

Fourth place –Michael David

Senior Women’s Jingle

First place – Candice Johnson

Second place – Denise OneStar

Third place – Henrietta Scalplock

Fourth place – Lisa Madrid



Senior Men’s Fancy

First place – Jerry Cleveland Jr.

Second place – Walker Stonefish

Third place – Lance Kelley

Senior Women’s Fancy

First place – Rebecca Hawpetoss

Second place – Kellie LeBeau

Third place – Mariette Sutherland

Fourth place – Michelle Lonechild



Men’s Traditional

First place – Dana Warrington

Second place – Gabe Cleveland

Third place – Ardell Scalplock

Fourth place – Chaske LaBlanc

Women’s Traditional

First place – Challis Isaac

Second place – Cheyenne Fiddler

Third place – Angelina Hindsley

Fourth place – Alva Fiddler



Men’s Grass

First place – Wanbli ChargingEagle

Second place – Adam Nordwall

Third place – Frank Young

Fourth place – Dakota McGurk

Women’s Jingle

First place – KC Hindsley

Second place – Rowena Roberts

Third place – Grace Pushetonequa

Fourth place – Tonia Hall


Men’s Fancy

First place – Darrell Hill

Second place – Spike Draper

Third place – Wayne Silas Jr.

Fourth place – Erik Shepherd

Women’s Fancy

First place – Rose Track

Second place – Nahmi Lasley

Third place – Crystal Cleveland

Fourth place – Patricia Bugg


Teen Boy’s Traditional

First place – Adakai Hindsley

Second place – Kino Pyawasit

Third place – Austin Benton

Fourth place – James Morris

Teen Girl’s Traditional

First place – Verlina BlackKettle

Second place – Kayree Funmaker

Third place – Rochelle Mann

Fourth place – Jasmine Fiddler


Teen Boy’s Grass

First place – Cante Knight

Second place – Peanutt Roberts

Third place – Tohee Funmaker

Fourth place – Dakota Whitewater

Teen Girl’s Jingle

First place – Tess Knight

Second place – Ramona Benton

Third place – Cheyenne Hindsley

Fourth place – Maggie Young Bear


Teen Boy’s Fancy

First place – Rick Cleveland Jr.

Second place – Darwin Grignon

Third Place – Neal Sheridan Jr.

Fourth Place – Albert King Jr.

Teen Girl’s Fancy

First place – Nyomi Cleveland

Second place – LaDonna King

Third place – Anhinga WhiteCloud

Fourth place – Lacey Fiddler


Jr. Boy’s Traditional

First place – Bobby Morris

Second place – Michael Fish Jr.

Third place – Triston Lasley

Fourth place – Parrish Brazelton

Jr. Girl’s Traditional

First Place – Maleana Cloud

Second Place – Zamantha Funmaker

Third Place – Arianna GreenCrow

Fourth Place – Gaby Brinegar


Jr. Boy’s Grass

First Place – Jaycob Johnson

Second Place – Tranvis Leonard

Third Place – Mason Storm Kingbird

Fourth Place – Julian Carson

Jr. Girl’s Jingle

First Place – Waskwane Stonefish

Second Place – Adalia Plain

Third Place – Sage Okimosh

Fourth Place – LaRie Corn


Jr. Boy’s Fancy

First Place – Courage Cleveland

Second Place – Terrance Cleveland

Third Place – Delano Cleveland

Fourth Place – Sonny Means

Jr. Girl’s Fancy

First Place – Beedoskah Stonefish

Second Place – Bree Bizdawka

Third Place – Oke-tw’sha Roberts

Fourth Place – Dayvina Johnson


This year’s host drum for the competition was Smokey Town, the 2006 drum winner. The 2008 Hunting Moon Pow Wow will feature Midnight Express as host drum.

For more information on the Pow wow, visit

Potawatomi Bingo Casino is one of two casinos owned and operated by the Forest County Potawatomi Community. It is located at 1721 W. Canal Street, Milwaukee, Wis.