Pipestone Singers are honored by LCO community

Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC)

Members of the drum group Pipestone Singers were honored recently with a dinner and program dedicated to this years winner of the first place award for “Record of the Year” during the Native American Music Awards dinner in Niagara Falls, New York.

The award was given to them for their fifth CD in as many years entitled Good Ol’ Fashioned NDN Lovin, a cut of traditional hand drum-based round dance songs with English lyrics that speak to some of the humorous events surrounding the love lives and interactions of life experienced by their drum and friends around Indian Country.

Back Row, L-R: Martin Powless, George “Budman” Morrow, Ahsinees Larson, Mike DeMain, John Morrow, John Anderson. Front Row: Matt White, Mike Sullivan holding award, and Jerome Powless. Photo by Kimberlie R. Acosta
In testimonials from family members, tribal leaders, keynote speaker Mike Peltier who submitted the CD to the NAMA Association, Sonny Smart and Giaishkobos who presented them each with an eagle feather, plaque and blanket, the group was presented with praise in the community for embracing their tribal traditions, language and culture while representing the LCO Tribe, Ojibwe Nation and their families in a positive way as they traveled the pow wow circuit for many years.

Those singers being honored included: Mike Sullivan Sr., who composed the songs, Tom Cain, Martin Powless, John Anderson, Opie Day-Bedeau, Nick Hanson, Ahsinees Larson, John Morrow, Cetan Wanbli Williams, George “Budman” Morrow III, Jerome Powless, Melvin “Mat” White, Wendall Powless, and Michael DeMain.