Spotted Elk, Sam: FBI investigating death at Lame Deer jail

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) - The FBI is investigating the death of an
inmate at the Lame Deer jail this week.

Special Agent Dan Vierthaler said Aug. 3 the cause of death is not known.

A family member identified the man as Sam Spotted Elk Sr., who was in his 60s.






Roxie Wilson of Busby said law enforcement officers in Lame Deer
picked up her uncle on Wednesday night when he was intoxicated and
took him to jail.

"Then that morning when they went to check on him, he was dead. No
details," Wilson said. "My question is, did anybody go check on

Lame Deer is on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, where
alcohol is prohibited.

A man who answered the telephone at the Lame Deer Police Department
on Friday said the death was under investigation and that he was told
not to release any information.

Matt Pryor, special agent in charge of law enforcement for the Bureau
of Indian Affairs, could not be reached for comment.