Judge: AP won’t have to turn over half of unpublished raid photos

Providenc, Rhode Island (AP) 2-08

A Superior Court judge has ruled that The Associated Press does not have to turn over about half of its unpublished photographs from a 2003 raid on a tribal smoke shop because they’re irrelevant to an ongoing criminal case.

She did not immediately rule on the other half.

Seven Narragansett members are charged with misdemeanors for allegedly fighting with police during the raid on a shop that was not collecting state taxes.

They’re now preparing for trial, and prosecutors subpoenaed more than 200 unpublished photos taken of the raid by an AP photographer. The photographer has been called as a defense witness, and prosecutors want the photos so they can prepare for her testimony.

AP’s lawyer, Joseph Cavanagh, has questioned whether prosecutors need all the pictures to make their case.