Town of Natick fights to keep Redman nickname

Natick, Massachusetts (AP) 2-08

A year ago, it seemed like the Redman was finished in Natick.

The school committee had voted to dump it as the team nickname because some considered it racist and outdated.

But recently, a group that wants to preserve the name will present a petition with 1,800 signatures to selectmen, demanding the issue go to a townwide vote March 25.

Petition drive organizer Sue Lamont said preserving the Redman nickname is about
hometown pride and family tradition.

Natick High’s most famous graduate, Heisman trophy winner Doug Flutie, agrees the nickname should stay.

He tells The Boston Globe that people should quit “walking on eggshells.”

Pete Sanfacon of the New England Anti-Mascot Coalition, said Natick’s pride should not come at the expense of Native Americans, who have repeatedly said the name is hurtful to them.