45 convicted in 2-year drug investigation

Pierre, South Dakota (AP)3-08

A two-year investigation yielded the conviction of 45 people on drug offenses in state or federal court for trafficking methamphetamine and marijuana in South Dakota’s Walworth County and the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, according to prosecutors.

U.S. Attorney Marty Jackley, South Dakota Attorney Larry Long and Walworth County State’s Attorney Grant Walker said 32 people were indicted in federal court and 16 were charged in state court, three of whom were also part of the federal indictments

Federal defendants include: Jorge Vasquez-Herrera; Todd Fischer; Evalee Crow; George Miller; Martin Garcia; Dale Louis Clark, a.k.a., Buck Scouts Enemy; Brad Johnson; Francine Iron Cloud; Scott Moe; Justin Feyereisen; Amber Long Chase; June Garcia; Teira Vermillion; Craig Cadotte; Wanda Crow; Michael “Sonny” Wald; Stan Schily; Sheldon Treetop; Michael Laframboise; Brad Waechter; Tony Anderson; Bruce O’Cull; Anthony Martin; Karen Phillips; Quantavious Riley; Jonny Whitebull; William Gullickson; Leonard Hodgkiss; Tanya Soyk; Dale Schmidt; Joannie Holy Bear; and Luke Eagleman.

Those charged in state court include: Feyereisen; Schily; Todd Fischer; Daniel Schilling; Hattie Pourier; Jamie Red Legs Martel; Heather Jewel Tiger; William “Sonny” Venson; Gerald Sam; Jesse Fischer; Jack Red Bear; Jamie Gunderson; Judy Pfeifel; William Fuhrer; Kelly Fischer; and Sheldon Schulz.

Vasquez-Herrera, the main leader of the drug ring, was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. Two state court defendants are still awaiting sentencing.

About 80 law enforcement officers from several local, tribal, state and federal agencies were a part of the investigation, the prosecutors said.