Check it Out: It's Arohed & Jerm, INDIENS...

Dear Editor,

It's Arohed & Jerm, INDIENS...

"INDIENS" - Lakota-haitian Hip Hop artists, kickin' the beats and Spittin' the lyrics from D-Town (Denver, CO).

Their websites are:

and their current VIBE link:

They select downloadable music tracks and put lyrics to it in video format as part of a contest. They welcome votes and it's an interesting way to get exposure of their unique material.

(Soundclick has a lot of FREE MP3s to listen to and download.)

Their emphasis is roots, in that one doesn't need a lot of cash and need not play the socialite game in this age of digital technology. Encouraging young Native artists trying to get started and that it can be easy to get their music produced, put on media and distributed at low cost...