A caravan to South Dakota in memory of Annie Mae?

Dear Editor,

I did announce recently at a feast after a walk, that we are planning to raise money to make sure that the family of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash gets to the trial in South Dakota when that happens. We need to begin now to plan and to raise the money if that opportunity arises.

We also announced that we want to raise enough money to rent a few buses to bring all Annie Mae’s friends and family members to the trial, especially the women, to be there in support of her if and when the trial begins.

I envisioned this: a caravan of people from all over Canada and the United States, traveling to South Dakota, in her honor, in the memory to all those women and men who met a violent death... to remember them.

I think it is time for another caravan, don’t you?

Catherine of Nova Scotia, Canada
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