Website for Veterans needs Native representation

Dear Editor,

You were one of the first persons I thought of when this issue came up. There is a new website becoming net famous as you read this. It is dedicated to troop support. It is comprised mostly of veterans, family and others.

The reason I am approaching you is that they would like to, and plan to, include Native Americans as a part of this site. Seriously include them.

I am begging (yes, begging) that someone see that Native people are represented rightfully. While the intention is good and the video team has an enrolled Cherokee – the site needs not only imagery, but a correct representation on this.

Any of your contacts, work or photo’s be given credit, but you could help the Anishanabe represent as well as provide some support to our troops that are Native and their families.
will take you to the YouTube video that explains the site.

Other videos can be found on the website which is called

It is begining to get national attention. And in spite of you being listed as one of my hero’s on my MySpace, they need someone like you and your contacts to help ensure that any tributes are done right.

Anything further, you can contact one of the founders of the site at:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.