During season of giving think about Sinixt


During this season of giving - when some think
about those who are disadvantaged and need help -
Please think about the Sinixt Native Indian
people who are the original Mother Tribe
inhabitants of the region now called the West
Kootenays, BC, Canada. (Sinixt is pronounced Sin
Eye X T.)

Our History places us in this region about two
million years ago. Some discount our History as
being oral and unsubstaniated but our ancestors
left one of the largest arrays of
pictograph-painted history on the N. American
continent. There is also further scientific
evidence that we have been here for at least
sixty thousand years.

A colonial genocide was committed against the
Sinixt. A bounty was put on our ancestors: man,
woman and child - then the Government of Canada
declared the surviving Sinixt 'extinct'. Being
declared 'extinct' means that today the Sinixt
have no legal entitlement to: An Indian Status
card, or a Social Insurance Number, or a medical
CareCard, - Sinixt children are not entitled to
attend public school. This makes survival
difficult for us in the midst of Canadian

Any help you can provide will be deeply
appreciated: Be it a few bucks; or a kind wish; a
prayer; or legal assistance. So often people
think about the problems of this world in distant
places. Should we not think about what's going on
in our own backyard? A legal/survival fund has
been set up at:

Heritage Credit Union
Slocan Valley Branch
3014 HWAY 6, P.O. Box 39
Slocan Park, B.C., V0G2J0, Canada

in the name of:
Agnice Sophia Campbell C/O Lola Campbell
Transit # 19020-809 acc't # 700097733

I was born on Oct. 9th 2006, in the heart of our
territory in Vallican, British Columbia. I am the
first Sinixt born as a Canadian citizen in about
100 years. Our nexus is complete.

On Apr. 26th 2007 I submitted an application to
the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs in
Ottawa to be registered as a Status Native
Indian. Myself and my family asked to have the
unjust 'extinct' label removed. In accordance
with the Indian Act I have proven my lineage
which is directly traced to the Sinixt Nation. On
Nov. 22 of this year I received a letter denying
my application.

As long as I am classified an 'extinct'
non-person - My territory and the creatures
within will continue to be subjected to the
untold damage of Invading Tribes, Damaged
Watersheds, Loss of crucial Wildlife Habitat and
Endangered Species caused by Unsustainable
Mining, Logging and Urban Development.

Agnice's grandfather Bob Campbell asks: "Does
this Sinixt child scare the representatives of
the people of Canada? Is this the reason they
turn their back on this child?"


If you would like to know more or if you have the
means to help our campaign for identity please feel free to contact us:
Elmeek'qum (Headman appointed by the Grandmothers) Bob Campbell
tel. 250 226-6743
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
mailing address:
Comp17 box 5
Winlaw, BC, V0G2J0, Canada

The Sinixt will soon have their own website but
for now, Dr. Karen Wonders, a professor at a
German university, has included the Sinixt in her
website which provides a lot of information.


Alex Peacemaker
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.