The Cherokee Delaware will be next target of Cherokee Nation racists

This an open letter to Tim Giago and his column "Congresswoman Watson
Attacks Cherokee Nation" that I wanted to share with our readers as well.

Mr. Giago,

You need to know that several Cherokee tribal members, including
myself, and many freedmen, Delaware and Shawnees asked the federal
government to step in. Cherokee Nation treats it's adopted tribal
members like step children.

The Shawnee wanted to regain their federal recognition and the deal
Cherokee Nation made with them left them landless and empty handed.
If Chad Smith has his way that will happen to the Delawares next
because he wants to control our federal monies and trust fund. He
also wants the freedmen out of the tribe, even though they were
adopted via the 1866 treaty, just like the Shawnees and Delawares

I'll tell you one thing. If the U.S. government allows Cherokee
Nation (which is not the original Cherokee Nation because it came
into existence in 1975/76 when Ross O. Swimmer created it, and it
never reformed under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act either) to
abrogate the treaty of 1866 and get rid of it's adopted freedmen,
then they will attempt to do the same to the Delaware because they
have this thing about tribal members "must be Cherokee by blood"
right now.

Delawares, Shawnees and Freedmen were guaranteed "The same rights as
Native Cherokees" via treaty. Did Cherokee Nation honor that? Hell
no! If you aren't Cherokee by blood you can't sit on the council or
hold office. Unless your name is Buel Anglen! He is not Cherokee by
blood and he is on the council because Chad Smith tells the Cherokee
court what to do.

Cherokee Nation is racist and so is their Chief, Chad Smith, who
can't even prove he's Cherokee. He was adopted by his Grandmother
Rachel. Nobody knows who his father even is because he's
illegitimate. His membership card says he's 1/4 Cherokee but his CDIB
says he's 1/2/ Hmmm.

And the United Keetoowah Band banished Mr. Smith. Did you know that.
I can't wait until the courts decide that Cherokee Nation abrogated
the treaty. Then the Delawares will be free of the bogus tribe
called Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

But when the last original enrollee of Cherokee Nation dies in a few
years, Cherokee Nation will cease to exist because they never
reorganized under the Oklahoma Indian Welfare Act to lift the
limitations placed on them by the Curtis Act, and never reopened
their rolls to allow descendants of Cherokees to become actual
citizens. They are to this day only descendants of Cherokees and
nothing more.

Steve Osburn
Cherokee Delaware
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