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Dear Friend of the Buffalo,

A diverse coalition of tribal, conservation, hunting, animal welfare and wildlife groups, an outfitting business, and concerned citizens have filed an emergency rule making petition with the U.S. Department of the Interior seeking to stop the National Park Service from slaughtering wild bison inhabiting Yellowstone National Park and adjoining lands on the Gallatin National Forest in Montana.

This winter, Yellowstone National Park and the State of Montana have engaged in an unprecedented slaughter or removal of more than 1,700 bison that have migrated to their winter range near and beyond park borders.

One-third of the entire bison herd has been wiped out with 1,422 bison trapped and shipped to slaughterhouses on order from officials in the National Park Service and the Montana Department of Livestock under Governor Brian Schweitzer.

The coalition requests immediate measures be taken by the National Park Service to ensure bison’s long-term survival and health including protecting a minimum of 2,000 bison in each distinct bison population. That number would ensure that genetic diversity is conserved – allowing Yellowstone bison to naturally evolve and adapt to a changing environment, and retain important survival traits like natural migration and selection.

The petition presents scientific evidence of at least two genetically distinct bison populations inhabiting Yellowstone National Park.

Please sign the petition to stop the U.S. National Park Service from slaughtering wild bison inside Yellowstone National Park

Let wild bison roam free on America’s public lands! Tell your friends, family, club, group, church, tribe, to sign on to the emergency petition.

America, this is your natural heritage, the last of our country’s wild bison in their native habitat.
Thank you for you taking action and protecting wild bison in Yellowstone.

Buffalo Field Campaign needs your support too. Volunteers have come from all over the United States to defend the buffalo on their native habitat. From sunrise to sunset, our volunteers migrate with the buffalo, and document every move made against them.

This is our 11th year in the field and we could not be here with the wild buffalo without your support and contributions.

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