Nelson reneged on agreement for “We Shall Remain” interview

Dear Editor,

Like a recurring nightmare, the real victims of Wounded Knee have been swept aside and the real story of what happened has once again been papered over, in this case to protect AIM criminals and preserve the “theme” of Firelight Media’s version of history and politics. Too bad. Part V could have concluded an otherwise useful study in American Indian heritage, and brought us to a crossroads of understanding mutually beneficial to both Indians and non-Indians.

Instead, we are fed the same old line of bull, in what has become a stinking corpse of destruction and murder cover-up. How telling is it that, even after the producers were made aware of Wounded Knee’s ugly secrets, they chose to ignore them. I guess the truth didn’t fit the script. In fact, the producers engaged in some cover-up of their own.

Rather than acknowledge the dark underbelly of behind-the-barriers violence and murder in the village, they took the unprecedented step of omitting American Indian Mafia from their web site’s bibliography. Could it be because Mafia exposes the sham history books featured in the same list, books such as the highly falsified, In the Spirit of Crazy Horse?

Shame on Stanley Nelson for reneging on his agreement to interview Two Elk for this film and for promoting false history at the expense of Native Americans everywhere. Episode V makes it more difficult for Cheryl Robinson to seek justice for her husband, Ray, a civil rights activist under Martin Luther King.

Furthermore, this final installment of “We Shall Remain” makes a mockery of genuine Indian sacrifice and heroism. It cheapens the true history revealed in previous episodes, as if their purpose was merely to set up a long line of false premises in the final hour.

Firelight Media and PBS should be held accountable for the damage they have done to the true legacy of Wounded Knee and for the justice denied the true victims. Americans of all colors deserve better from our publicly funded media outlets.

John M. Trimbach
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Trimbach & Associates, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia