Greetings Featherheads by Richie Plass

First off, a very blessed and happy Holiday season to you all, and may you all have a grand New Year.

Its about 4:30 Sunday morning and I just got home from the weekend at our casino. It was a great, great time. To be able to perform with Boogie again was great! It’s hard to believe he’s 73 years on this earth. Plus, he is one of the classiest people I ever met.

For those of you who may not know my story with him, I was about 5 or 6 years old the first time I saw him perform. It was Boogie on the piano, Pete Waukechon on the Sax, Louie Dickie on Trumpet and Monie Bear on the drums. It was the first “Live” band I had ever seen. Them when I was in high school, I was honored to perform with these great musicians myself. Sadly, Monie had passed on, but in 1964 I bought a cymbal from Monie and I still use that same cymbal today when I play.

These guys played Big Band music. If you liked Glenn Miller, Artie Shaw or any of the Big Bands from that era, they played it. They also played Dixieland. Needless to say, and I mean this when I say it, I learned so much about music and performing from these fine men that they are a big part of why I’m still playing today.

Pete and Louie passed on several years ago, but Boogie is still here and playing as well as ever. Once our CD is out, you’ll be able to hear for yourselves.

Wade Fernandez is truly one of a kind. His talent is beyond comprehension. Of course, you don’t get the Male Artist of the Year Award from the Native American Music Association just on looks. Although he is a cute little feller! But his talent, energy and dedication shines thru on his playing. Again, when the CD comes out, you’ll hear what I’m talking about.

As for the recording, we’re all real satisfied with it. I got to hear some of it before Tony packed up his gear. It sounded real cool! Tony told us he should have the first cut of it in a week or two and then we’ll give it a listen. We can hardly wait.

What you’ll hear, we hope... is us being us. Having fun, raising hell, making mistake after mistake, but just truckin along with what we try to do best... have a good time! The songs and music run the gamut. Some country, Dixieland, rock, original stuff, just us being us. If all goes how we’re hoping to have 15 or 16 cuts.

Also, and this came about AFTER the show. Our good friend, Dale Kakkak, was there taking pictures. But, he also had his video camera and taped almost all night. So when we were done, we were sitting around and talking and we came up with an idea for a potential music video. So, maybe, just maybe, we’ll also wind up with a video for our new song, “Hey Indian Man.” It may very well happen.

So again, I hope you all have a great Holiday season, and I’ll be back soon,

Richie Plass
Green Bay, Wisconsin
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