Christopher Cornstalk was an Odawa and what these people did, was not “Just For Fun”

Dear Editor,

Christopher Cornstalk was a member of the Odawa Nation, Turtle Clan.

His difficult life journey brought him to the streets of Chicago, and the surrounding suburbs. Christopher struggled with the alcoholism that lead to his homelessness. During this time he had many dealings with Police Officers, Firefighters, Ambulance Drivers and Hospital Personnel.

Christopher lost his battle on July 17, 2006 and joined his Ancestors.

Then, in an act of unspeakable offense and racism, a nurse started a Facebook Group under the category of "JUST FOR FUN" called "Did you Know this Alcoholic Indian?" She then requested that people join, so that they may regale each other with stories of encountering Chris during the course of their  PROFESSIONAL DUTIES.

Unflattering photos of Chris in his hospital bed, racist images of Natives and some of the most disgusting comments ever were then posted to this site.

Over 600 people joined, many of them Nurses, EMT's, Firefighters, and Police Officers.

Many of these Professionals violated their own codes of ethics, and in some cases criminal law by posting intimate, private information about Mr. Cornstalk's struggles, and medical conditions.

Many comments were blatantly racist, please share this information with your readers and incourage them to search for the information in Facebook and other online articles.

Jannan Cornstalk

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