Join caravan in support of Big Mountain

Dear Editor,

Greetings from Black Mesa Indigenous Support ,

We are excited to inform you that a caravan of work crews will once again be converging from across the country in support of residents of the Big Mountain regions of Black Mesa November 21-28, 2009. On behalf of their peoples, their sacred ancestral lands and future generations, these communities continue to carry out a staunch resistance to the efforts of the US Government, which is acting in the interests of the Peabody Coal Company, to devastate whole communities and ecosystems and greatly de-stabilize our planet's climate for the profit of an elite few.

By assisting with direct, on-land projects you are helping families stay on their ancestral homelands in resistance to an illegal occupation and working for climate justice. These communities serve as the very blockade to coal mining!  More than 14,000 Dine’ people have been forcibly removed from their ancestral homelands due to spin created by the U.S government & Peabody Coal, under the guise of the so-called “Navajo-Hopi Land Dispute.”

Families are now in their THIRD DECADE resisting this travesty. Many residents are very elderly and winters can be rough. With their guidance, this caravan  honors the elders and generates support in direct, on-land support: chopping, hauling firewood, doing minor repair work, offering holistic health care, herding before winter months arrive.

We are at a critical juncture and must take a stand in support of communities on the front lines of resistance now!

BMIS wishes for this caravan to be an important opportunity for people of all backgrounds to  work with the families of Black Mesa to generate more awareness.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support

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