Are we to trust our elected leadership emphatically?

Dear Editor,

I watched a show this morning mostly directed to uranium used in nuclear war  heads... being refined in Iran; the Palestinian and Afgahn’s holdings by Taliban, etc.

One statement struck me, made by (R) Lindsey Graham of Clemens, SC.

Graham said something to the  effect: “If a President of a country denies the Holocaust (Jews) ever happened, we should believe the worse not the best of what his intentions are...”

Not one President of USA to date, Act of Congress, or reputed historian(s) have EVER acknowledged the impact and demise of Indigenous People here in North or South America as a holocaust. The effects of OUR HOLOCAUST are still effectually impacting our communities in reservation areas nationwide... and under current genocidal policies such as IRA governance!   

We are to trust our elected leadership emphatically? Many Natives do not have trust even “our own” elected officials!

Rather than using our legal teams we have established...  to fight injustices; cigarette sales, gas sales, gambling revenues, (70’s; 80’s ;90’s and 21st Century of course)...


We  dump millions of dollars into a system – the  state and local municipalities – designed to put us under... “State Authority”  – who are enforcing laws to be rid of us inevitably... giving States and municipalities extra money to afford lawyers to fight  reservation boundaries is only one example of many... Green Bay and Brown County are far from  exempt..   taking “Our Rights of Self Governance”  away is their ulterior motive.....

By virtue of the fact our IRA governments were forced upon us, and are designed to destroy us, the  psychology behind their very implementation recorded in the discussions of the Congressional Acts, if  one truly reads...

Policies to destroy us, are held in high regard by leaders and membership..   blind-sighted and leading us to our own demise as Nations. They (USA/States   or Municipalities) do not acknowledge nor admit the HOLOCAUST happened to   Native North America!!  

Nor in South America... Ironic?...  What is ironic to me... several non-Indians have said directly to me on own vendition how crazy they think it is we pay one red cent to any Government entity! Our leadership fail to see this....

We are to “trust” them emphatically and it seems all to clear to me. Ask Graham of SC... or any congressional Representative: Did our holocaust ever happen?

So we can find out who to trust!
Best Wishes Sincerely!

Luwahs^na.wi'   /   Ben Cannon 
Oneida Nation member
Green Bay, Wisconsin