Letter to the Editor: All men must be free, not divided by politics

Dear Editor,

As a Saginaw Chippewa Indian and an American, I must insist that the divisive and political agendas be set aside for the common good.

If I were king of the land, I would recognize that both sides of the coin have been tainted with the love of money and in adding corrective measure to the status quo, we could stand together against the giants. To keep this beautiful land of ours pristine and healthy for the next seven generations, we must recognize that the Indian agenda is the Human agenda, in that we all value clean air, clean water, good food and to maintain a connectedness with the land.

To be a republican or a democrat belittles with point, that the solutions to community problems will be solved with people power; nothing else.

The gas driven engines that makes men and women prisoner to a system that will bail out a corporate interest before securing the health needs of it’s own people is wrong. It fills private interest coffers and sends our mothers and fathers, our brothers and sisters to fight and die for corporate interests overseas .

And so in request, can it be said that the private oil interest of America that has been taking over OUR government makes poor men of us all in the eyes of God?

Stand in Union, not along political divides but on the side of spirit and the working man and working woman and demand that they allocate resources, so that we can do for ourselves as a community; so we can truly stand as one people.

For the good of the people, let the Oil Industry pay 40 billion dollars to the Isabella Indians that we may buy our state debt, buy manufacturing centers to create a new energy of union and harness the wind of change; give a rebirth to land in small farms and urban renewal, to provide free college education to all people, and to honor our veterans-our Ogitchidaw – as they fight for us, let us fight for them with Farms for Veterans across the land.

Let there be an honor to treaty rights for fish and game and to provide resources to keep these United States- this Turtle Island- wild and secure from the threat to the greatest resource on the planet; our fresh water. It is the wishes of my grandfathers that we should fight for each other and be mindful of the chains that would keep all men and women down.

So it should be for the Indian. So should it be for all.


aka martin allen curry

Madeline Island, Wisconsin