Heart of American Indian Center hosts cultural camp 7-07

Dear Editor,

Boozhoo From Kansas City, Missouri.

The Heart of America Indian Center of Kansas City gave 84+ kids a
chance to attend their FREE Indian summer cultural camp last week.
There were children from Nebraska, Kansas, The K.C. area and southern
Missouri. You should check out their website. Or just call the
Center and talk to Jessica Powell, the youth co-ordinator about the
camp that was held.

These folks (volunteers at the Center) have been presenting this camp
for 20 some years but I have never seen anything in the Native
newspapers about them.

The Center serves not only the Native population but anyone who might
be in need. These folks have been doing good things for many years.

Thanks for listening.

tEDDY tATUM - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.