Ypsilanti High will start the year without a mascot

Ypsilanti, Michigan (AP) 9-07

Fans of Ypsilanti High School sports will have to come up with another way to show their school spirit because the athletic teams will start the year without a nickname or logo.

Instead of “Go Braves!” they may be left with shouting “Go High School!” or “Purple and Gold” at football games and other athletic events.

The school board has decided against coming up with a temporary nickname to replace the banned Braves moniker, board President David Bates told The Ann Arbor News.

The board set up a committee that would receive recommendations from the public for a new mascot and logo. It plans to vote on a permanent nickname Oct. 22, Bates said.

The board retired the Braves nickname and the logo after some people said that they demeaned Native American culture.

The NCAA in 2005 banned ethnically or racially “hostile” or “abusive” nicknames, mascots and imagery at championship events. Several colleges found in violation have either changed team names and mascots or won appeals after local tribes came to their defense.

Teams using Indian nicknames with the NCAA’s blessing include the Florida State University Seminoles, Central Michigan University Chippewas and the University of Utah Utes.