Navajo Nation’s Antelope Canyon a must visit site

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One of the most-visited and most-photographed canyons in the world is located in Arizona. The canyon is know as a slot canyon, and is a narrow canyon formed by water rushing through the rocks. The Antelope Canyon which is located on the Navajo Reservation is perhaps the only slot canyon on this planet where the light and sandstone come together. It has been accessible by permit only since 1997 when the Navajo Tribal Park was opened and it became an economic source of business for the Navajo Nation.

The Antelope Canyon was formed primarily due to flash flooding. The canyon is separated into two sections: the Upper Antelope (The Crack) and Lower Antelope (The Corkscrew). The canyon can only be visited exclusively through guided tours because during the monsoon season the rain can quickly flood the canyon, making it very unsafe. In the first year that it was opened to the public in 1997, eleven tourists in Lower Antelope Canyon were killed by a flash flood.

Some say it’s a place were you can see the presence of the Divine. The site is described as a magnificent crown jewel of the Southwest! It’s breathtaking looking at all the beautiful pictures, many which can be found posted online at different web sites.

In the last 20 years Antelope Canyon has rivaled the Grand Canyon National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park as a “must see destination” while in the Southwest. For photographers it is a visual paradise on earth. Besides the incredible light and remarkable colors of the Navajo sandstone, Antelope Canyon easily accommodates photographers and visitors due to the fact that there is no hiking involved to get to the entrance, the actual slot canyon is very short (about 200 yards in length), the best light is from mid-morning to noon and since all tours are guided you are given invaluable tips on the best places to position your camera.

What is known as Antelope Canyon is actually part of the Antelope Canyon Navajo Tribal Park located right outside of Page, Arizona (located in Northwest Arizona near the Utah border). Upper Antelope Canyon (Tse Bighanilini’) is by far the more popular of the two as a result of its easy access and spectacular light beams that has made this slot canyon famous.

There are several tour businesses and Navajo guides which will help you find your way around safely.

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