Liquor licenses approved for Bear Butte region

Sturgis, South Dakota (AP) 10-08

Meade County Commission has approved transfer of an off-sale liquor license to Broken Spoke Campground.

The commission also approved a new beer license for the campground company.

The 600-acre compound operates during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

Opponents argued against alcohol licenses for the business because of its proximity to Bear Butte, which is sacred to American Indians.

Commissioners were limited to approving or denying the licenses based on location and the character of the applicant.


The Broken Spoke’s location, while controversial, is far enough away from Bear Butte to not interfere with spiritual rituals, said Commissioner Dean Wink.

The campground is owned by Target Logistics of Boston, and officials said nothing negative turned up in background checks on the firm or its officers.

Managing member David Schuh, who told the commission he is one of four owners, said that although former owner Jay Allen holds 30 percent ownership interest in the campground, he is not the managing member.

Company attorney Jim Seward said the transfer follows through on a promise that ownership would become centralized, citing tax and business reasons that a limited liability corporation was needed.

“Obviously, we’ll be back here in two months on our renewal, and back again and again,” Seward said. “The county will always have the right to say no.”

Seward said the campground is two miles from Bear Butte, and the company’s property boundary is a mile from it.