Shoshone seek to secure old cemetery

Brigham City, Utah (AP)1-08

The patch of sagebrush-covered land near the Utah-Idaho border known as the Washakie Cemetery doesn’t look like much.

But its sacred ground to the Northwestern Band of the Shoshone – the final resting place of 200 Northwestern Shoshones, including Chief Sagwitch, who led survivors of the 1863 Bear River Massacre to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tribal leaders want to buy the land to complete the tribe’s reservation near Portage, Utah, as they believe it was always intended, but they can’t determine who owns it.

The land, once owned by a local Mormon church leader, has changed hands several times, but the records are incomplete.

Tribal leaders say they may need to hire a title company to sort it out.