Pennsylvania Man looking for artifacts drowns in frigid river

Lancaster, Pennslyvania (AP) 3-09

A central Pennsylvania man searching for Indian artifacts drowned in a boating accident on the frigid Susquehanna River.

Police say 59-year-old Dale Robert Glick, of Holtwood, died after a boat capsized Feb. 27 in 36-degree water.

Police say Glick and a friend were in a small, aluminum vessel about 10 yards off a river island when a wave came over the boat, capsizing it.

Police say both men were wearing life preservers and hip waders. They say Glick climbed atop the boat while his friend swam toward land to get his kayak. But Glick fell back into the water.

A coroner ruled Glick’s death accidental, caused by drowning due to hypothermia.