Ariz. senator and former Navajo president, hospitalized in Boston 5-22-07

PHOENIX (AP) - State Sen. Albert Hale, a former president of the Navajo Nation, was undergoing tests at a Boston-area hospital after experiencing an “excruciating headache” while on family vacation, a daughter said Tuesday.

Hale, a 57-year-old Window Rock Democrat, was hospitalized Sunday after doctors insisted he be admitted rather than return as scheduled to Arizona, said his daughter, April Hale.

“I'm really glad that he wasn't on a plane when all of this happened,” she said.

Initial tests detected blood spotting on the brain but ruled out an aneurysm or vessel rupture, said April Hale, a University of New Mexico student.

She said further medical tests were planned and that it wasn't known when her father would be discharged from the hospital or return to the Legislature.

“He is, however, very concerned about what's going on there,” the daughter said. “We're trying to keep his stress level as low as possible.”