Three Minnesota tribes to sign educational consortium agreement

Photos and Story by Michael Meuers
Red Lake, Minnesota (NFIC) January 2011

 Left to right; Archie LaRose, Leech
Lake Chairman, Floyd Jourdain, Jr.,
Red Lake Chairman, and Erma
Vizenor, White Earth Chairwoman.
On the second day of a two-day Education Summit, on January 20th, 2011, a very special agreement will be signed about noon by the Chairs of three Indian Nations.  The event will be held at the Seven Clans Casino and Event Center at Red Lake.

The Red Lake, Leech Lake and White Earth Tribes will come together and pledge to cooperate and work together on educational improvements in such crucial areas as Ojibwe language preservation, Indian education improvements, grant partnering and grant endorsements. 

“The idea for this new three-Tribe educational consortium, (with mutually beneficial advocacy efforts) was partially patterned from the very successful Tri-Tribes Economic Development Commission organized in 2006,” said Red Lake Nation College president Dan King. “The three Tribal chairs from Red Lake, White Earth, and Leech Lake, along with the three Tribal College presidents, will all sign this historic Education Nation agreement,” he said. “The plan is to also have an agreement signed by the three Education Directors/Superintendents of schools”, King concluded.