Report shows Navajo Nation HIV cases way up

Farmington, New Mexico (AP) October 2012

A new report shows the number of new HIV cases on the Navajo Nation is way up in recent years.

The report shows the number of new cases of the virus that causes AIDS averaged 10 per year in the 1990s and rose to about 15 new cases in 2000.

There were 35 in 2010 and nearly 40 last year.

The Farmington Daily Times reports the Indian Health Service, Navajo Nation Health Education Program and the Navajo AIDS Network released the new numbers last week.

Both HIV and AIDS rates climbed nationally in 1980s primarily in the male homosexual population. The Navajo Nation saw its numbers follow a similar path among homosexuals a decade later.

Now both Navajo men and women are being diagnosed with the human immunodeficiency virus.