St. Labre Indian School finds missing buffalo herd

Billings, Montana (AP) 7-08

The St. Labre Indian School found its missing herd of bison June 26 – about a month after more than 130 of the animals ran through a fence at a ranch north of Custer.

Curtis Yarlott, the school’s executive director, said the herd was found on a neighboring ranch after someone reported seeing the bison running alongside the road between Butte and Anaconda. The neighboring ranch called soon after.

“They must have been wearing ghillie suits for the plane not to have seen them,” said Yarlott, referring to a type of camouflage clothing that resembles foliage.

The school had hired a plane to search for the herd, which ran through a fence over Memorial Day weekend and was last seen June 3.

The St. Labre Indian School in Ashland was established in 1884 to educate and help the Northern Cheyenne. The ranch was donated to St. Labre almost nine years ago. The buffalo were donated soon after and are used primarily for the school’s lunch program.