Great Lakes Food Summit Video Stack from Pottawatomi’s Jijak Camp

Join us on this web page to watch several videos from the Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit April 21-24th, 2016. The event was held at Camp Jijack near Hopkins, Michigan.

PROGRAM REBROADCAST from Saturday April 23rd, 2016:

#1. Treaties and Food Systems - Martin Reinhardt, 0-1hr. 2min

#2.  Gun Lake Wild Rice Restoration Efforts - Elizabeth Binoniemi-Smith

#3. Agricultural Archeology - Bill Gartner, The Menominee Raised Garden Beds

#4. Historical Foods Systems by Paul DeMain  (Skabewis)

The four day conference opened on Thursday April 21st, with planned activities on Food Sovereignty with Indigenous growers, producers, program managers and agency resources on site. This conference also features over a dozen Indigenous chefs from through-out the western Hemisphere cooking the meals with Native foods, spices and medicines.

One of several workshops at the Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit devoted to collecting seeds and creating seed banks, how to prepare and preserve your seeds is given by Rowen White, (Akwesasne Mohawk).

Rowen White (Mohawk) on Saving Seeds

 The day before the official opening of this year's annual Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit, Kevin Finney the director of the Gun Lake Pottawatomi's Tribes Jijak Camp, the host of the event, discusses evaporating at the Tribe's sugar shack at Jijak Camp.

Kevin Finney discusses evaporating at Jijak Sugar Shack

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