Representative Jauch announces 80K grant for LCO Law Enforcement (Audio/Video)

Produced by Nick Vander Puy and Vin Dez
Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC)


Members of the LCO Tribal Council recognize the leadership of State Senator Robert Jauch on May 9th during a listening session at the LCO reservation. Photo by Nick Vander Puy

State Senator Bob Jauch visits the Lac Courte Oreilles Reservation on May 9th for a Listening Session with constituents in his district.

WOJB reporter Vin Dez asks Jauch about protecting water, casinos, and what brings him to the reservation in the audio file below.


Nick Vander Puy also interviews the Senator on video about the Great Lakes Water Compact Agreement about the potential of water diversion. Jauch is authoring legislation that will ratify the agreement within the state of Wisconsin.

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LCO College President Danielle Hornett mentioned the college, through the help of it's Renewable Energy Department, is installing solar panels on the college. Former tribal councilman Mick Isham thanked the Senator for supporting the LCO Boys and Girls Club.

Jauch also talks about his long-standing relationship with the region's Ojibwe tribes, who have supported him through their votes the past two decades, and in return, how his understanding of the unique needs and concerns of the tribes has grown over the years.

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