Grand Casino Powwow drum roll call and grand entry

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Produced by Paul DeMain
News From Indian Country
Each year the Mille Band and their Grand Casino located in Hinckley, Minnesota host a contest powwow. In this series of three videos, News From Indian Countryrecords the drum roll call on Sunday, June 22 during the last contest session, followed by the grand entry of dancers for the afternoon session.Some of the drums in the roll call include High Noon, Southern Boys, Buffalo Horse, Red lake, The Boyz, Young Kingbird, Blackbear Crossing, Whitefish Bay Jr., Whitefish Bay singers.


High Noon

High Noon leads out the grand entry with the first song of the Grand Entry with Little Otter, Buffalo Horse, Red Lake, The Boyz following the list of drum doing four their opening songs of the day four times through.

Note that the sound quality fluctuates during a part of Grand Entry as the public PA system is lost for a moment.

The three day Powwow is sponsored by the Mille Lacs Band Ojibwe of Minnesota at the grounds of one of their casinos along I-35 on northern Minnesota.

High Noon was invited as host drum for the event along with the co-host from the local tribe, the well known Little Otter Singers.

Drum Roll Call

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Part I, Grand Entry - High Noon, Little Otter, Southern Boys and Buffalo Horse

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Part II, Grand Entry - Red Lake Singers, The Boyz


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