Being a Young Person in Ceremonies

Produced by Arden Williams
Reserve, Wisconsin (NFIC)

Andrea Low of the St.Croix Band of Ojibwe is one of the head Ogichida'kwewag (female leaders) of Big Drum in her area. Big Drum is a social ceremony, and people visit from different reservations.

Andrea's father is one of the keepers of the Big Drum, who she helps run the ceremony, and help with the giveaways, they have Big Drum four times a year , one for each season.

Andrea follows protocol by serving food to the people that come to visit, and handing out the giveaway gifts. The women tell the men what to do, like chopping wood for the fire and other laborers work, while the women cook and serve the guests.

Their ceremonial drum was given to them by the Sioux. There are three drums in their community, a Warrior drum, Big Drum, and Ladies drum, each of them have different uses, and meanings. The Warrior Drum represents the warriors, the Ladies Drum is just for the women and the big drum is for everyone two of them the men own and the women own one. all of the drums have certain songs and dances.


" Helping run the ceremonies"
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