Mayan Spiritual Leader: Ceremonies nourish the soul

Video Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin (NFIC)

Mercedes Barrios Longfellow from Guatemala is a spiritual servant of the Maya people. Her people have suffered greatly from government persecution. In late July she attended the Traditional Elders and Youth circle in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.

She says Mayan elders can't understand how some western people have become so disconnected and how they can live their lives happy without connecting one's self to the creator and life in general.

While at the gathering Longfellow conducted a Mayan ceremony. She says, "We all share the fire and the sacred life force."

Since we are in connection with the sacred life she says we pay reverence through ritual. When we enter this higher consciousness, the trees, and the plants, for intance, know we are showing respect.

"We align ourselves with the sacred life force."


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