Mohawk leader Tom Porter discusses survival

Video Produced by Nick Vander Puy
Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin (NFIC)

Tom Porter (Sakokwenionkwas-"The One Who Wins") is the Spokesman and Chief Spiritual Leader of the Mohawk Community of Kanatsiohareke (Ga na jó ha láy:gay) in Fonda, New York.

During the nineteen sixties and seventies Tom Porter and the White Roots of Peace toured the country, sharing traditional teachings about sovereignty and survival and encouraging other tribes to re-embrace their traditions.

Many people were moved by his eloquence and inspiration.

Now, facing global climate change, pollution, and cultural disintegration Porter was still talking with the people about survival at the recent July Traditional Elders and Youth gathering in Lac du Flambeau, Wisconsin.

Porter encourages youth to return to ceremony and ritual as instructions for survival are implicit in the practises.

Porter recently published a book "And Grandma Said," sharing his grandmother's traditional teachings about culture, discipline, and family life. Some say the book will become as important to indigenous people as the Bible is to Christians.

The book "And Grandma Said" can be ordered from Tom Porter, 4934 State Highway 5, Fonda, New York 12068.


"People have to change, including us Indians."

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