Richie Plass: Anatomy of a Sports Mascot Protest

Produced by Paul DeMain
Little Rock, Arkansas (NFICTV) 10-08

Richie Plass is a Menominee/Stockbridge-Munsee from Northern Wisconsin.

Over the past few years he has led an effort to educate the public about mascots and logos, collecting a vast number of posters, shirts and other material depicting Native Americans in erroneous ways.

A published poet, actor, educator, activist and musician, Plass takes his efforts seriously. This presentation was taped during the 8th annual Sequoyah Research Center Symposium Oct. 16-18 at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock where Native American intellectuals and presentators engage each other in topical discussions of current issues.

Plass also co-hosts a weekly two-hour rado program in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Sequoyah Research Center houses the American Native Press Archives, the worlds largest collection of Native American print media, biographical files on American Indian personalities, many Indigenous authored books and many other print materials.

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"We Got Our Asses Kicked"

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