John Sanchez: The portrayal of American Indians in the News

Produced by Paul DeMain
Little Rock, Arkansas (NFICTV) 11-08

John Sanchez (Yaqui/Apache) is an Associate Professor at Penn State University where he teaches in The College of Communications and specialized in News Media Ethics and American Indians in the News Media.

A participate at the 8th Annual Sequoyah Research Center at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock during October, Sanchez explains here a little bit about how he sees Native Americans portrayed in the media, and how it impacts family and community.

According to Sanchez, he has conducted a lot of research in the areas he describes as "at the intersection of News Media and American Indian cultures." If you turn your TV on and they tell you that a storm is coming, well, you believe it because they are suppose to be telling you the truth, said Sanchez.

Sanchez says he has focused on how the news media portrays American Indians and what they are covering in terms of stories, having taken data from thousands of stories presented over the last ten years by the "big three," CBS, NBC and ABC, counting the types and accuracy of the stories that he saw on American Indians.

Sanchez is currently working on a book about American Indian Identity in the 21st Century and is a co-editor for a textbook on American Indians in the Media.

"American Indians in Bead and Feathers"

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