Louis Gray on the Obama Indian Country campaign

Produced by Paul DeMain
Indianapolis, Indiana (NFICTV)

New From Indian Country meets up with Louis Gray the former publisher of the Native American Times of Oklahoma in Indianapolis, Indian during the 3rd annual American Indian Education Conference at the University of Indiana.

Here, Gray discusses his recent involvement in the recent campaign to elect Barack Obama as president of the United States.

According to Gray, "I felt very comfortable with this candidate," and Obama met with us several times and encouraged us in the creation of policy statements on his behalf that reflected the concerns of Indian Country.

"He sought us out" and established a policy council that I was a part of, according to Gray.

"We haven't been involved in a winning candidate for a while, but we just keep plugging along," said Gray.

Gray was involved in a program to help register voters in Nevada and to Get Out The Vote of his own tribe in Oklahoma.

"It's Nice to Win One Now and Then"

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