The Haskell Wetlands: A fight for the Land

Produced by Rhonda LeValdo
Lawrence, Kansas (NFICTV)

The city of Lawrence, Kansas wants to build a trafficway through an area of wetlands south of the Haskell Indian Nations University campus.

The students of Haskell have filed a lawsuit temporarily blocking the trafficway, but the state is still looking for ways to get around it. The area is considered historic to the school and to alumni and students.

This fight is not new though as many tribes are fighting state, local and federal governments to keep lands they consider sacred from being developed.

From the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona, to the Comanche in Oklahoma where they want to build a base in a place they pray, to building nuclear repositories in the Mountains in Nevada, Native American lands are consistently being taken for uses that destroy their uniqueness.

This video is dedicated to all those who fight for their lands and those students at Haskell who consistently keep that fight going to the next group of students who come through. Vote at

for this video.

  "Wetlands Disappearing at the rate of 60,000 acres a year"

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