Dr. Johnny Flynn on the Indiana Indian Education Conference

Produced by Paul DeMain
Indiana, Indianapolis (NFICTV)

Dr. Johnny Flynn (Potawatomi) of the Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis speaks about how they are trying to reach out and emphasis that east of the Mississippi, Native Americans are still active and involved in some of the older parts of Indian Country.

These efforts involve bringing students and presenters together to discuss what the future of Indian people might be, and to look at new ideas about how to bring people together under the umbrella of tribal networking.

Flynn contends that until the invention of the telegraph, Native people had one of the most efficient ways of communicating. According to Flynn, he believes that one of the reasons it took over 350 years to subjugate the Indian community was because of the way we were able to communicate with each other efficiently

Flynn says with the advent of the Internet, blogs, and web sites, we need to plug into those systems in order to reach our people, many who are scattered across the country, and in big urban cities with many mixed tribal identities.

In particular, Flynn can cite the movement of his family through historic events in Indiana and Oklahoma that moved his family from their historical territory in the Great Lakes to Oklahoma, and back during relocation over a hundred years later.

Also, Flynn points out that 2011 will be the 200th anniversary and commemoration of the Battle of Tippecanoe, and Flynn would like to see it as an opportunity for Native people to assist Indiana citizens to find their own history.  

"70 percent of our people, live outside Indian Country"

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