Chairmaine Champion Shaw discusses Indiana Education Conference

Produced by Paul DeMain
Indiana, Indianapolis (NFICTV) 11-08

Charmaine Champion Shaw (Southern Cheyenne) is a graduate student at the Indiana University - Purdue University in Indianapolis, Indiana. Recently, she and Dr. Johnny Flynn. Champion Shaw grew up in Indiana and has been at the University since 2005 and has helped in the development of the Indiana Indian Education Conference which was held during November.

Champion Shaw says there is no major Native conferences in the Indiana region, in part because there is no federally recognized tribes in Indiana, though there is a state presence of several tribes and Indian communities, some who also have affiliations with federally recognized tribes.

While there is no federally recognized tribes, Champion Shaw has been working with Dr. Flynn in order to create American Indian certifications for Native American studies that are not based in anthropology, but in communications and religious studies areas. 

In this digital production, Champion Shaw discusses the conference and how she believes that Native American studies should not be just based in history, but reflect the contributions that impact political and social events of today.

 "It's about creating opportunities"

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