LCO Community College helps restore Pine Marten

by Nick Vander Puy
Reserve, Wisconsin (LCOTV)

Pine Marten are a small, brown, weasel like predator who hunt the northern Wisconsin mature timber. The animal has been hurt over the past century by unrestricted logging and trapping practice.

But the LCO Ojibwe Community College in northwestern Wisconsin is participating in cooperative research with the US Department of Agriculture and Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to help restore the Pine Marten to Northern Wisconsin.

pine_marten.jpegResearch goals are to identify the Pine Marten's prey base and the impact of logging on habitat. 

The LCO Community College's Mike DeMarr is leading the research along with student interns from the college.

"Pine Marten research in the ceded territory strengthens sovereignty"

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