Native Public Media producing "We Shall Remain" radio modules

Radio to accompany PBS TV Premier coming this April
Special to News from Indian Country

"We Shall Remain" - a five-part television special from the PBS series, American Experience telling the story of pivotal moments in U.S. history from the Native American perspective  - will have a corresponding radio component. 

Five 5-minute radio programs, produced by Native Public Media will air on Native and community stations nationwide, via Native Voice One:, AIROS:,  and PRX:, and on NPR member stations, in conjunction with the TV mini-series. A one-hour documentary featuring the five radio stories with bonus material will be distributed by NV1, AIROS AND PRX.

The multi-media project, spanning three hundred years, establishes Native history as an essential part of American history.  Both the TV and the radio series begin airing April 2009.


Peggy Berryhill (Muscogee), Native Public Media’s Director of Media Architecture and Services, is executive producer for the radio component.  She is joined by Brian Bull (Nez Perce), Assistant News Director for Wisconsin Public Radio, and Arun Rath, freelance producer for public broadcasting.

We Shall Remain shows how Native peoples adapted and fought back – from the Wampanoags of New England in the 1600s to the bold new leaders of the 1970s, who harnessed the momentum of the civil rights movement to forge a pan-Indian identity.  The radio programs bridge the historical segments presented in the television series and present the Indian world as it is today.  Each radio program illustrates the television program content from current perspectives.

Native Public Media’s mission is to strengthen and expand the Native voice, promoting healthy, engaged, independent Native communities by expanding the capacity of Native people to access, operate, produce, participate in and control their own media.  Native Public Media currently comprises 33 public radio stations, based mostly in tribal homelands.

"We Shall Remain" represents an unprecedented collaboration with multiple media platforms  - radio broadcast, Web and new media, a mentoring program, educational and community outreach campaigns, and media partnerships  - to give the series maximum impact. 

For more information visit Native Public Media at, and We Shall Remain at  For broadcast dates and times check your local listings, or contact your local public radio station.